Infrared Thermal Image / Thermography

A PROVEN PROACTIVE MAINTENANCE APPROACH Infrared Inspection is a proven, non-destructive technology for early detection of impending failures in electrical and mechanical systems. Proactive infrared inspection has the potential to reduce risk, increase operational safety, and bolster production efficiency. Integrating infrared into a proactive maintenance approach is prudent not only to protect against breakdowns, but to provide peace of mind

Benefits Our infrared inspection services are proven to be an effective part of an overall condition-based maintenance strategy. Clients continue to rely on this cost-effective means of testing during normal operations to keep their electrical and mechanical equipment operating safely and efficiently.

Benefits Of infrared inspection service:

Quick detection of problems without service interruption

Documented energy savings

Increased safety and reduced fire risk

Significant reduction in unscheduled power outages

Minimized preventative maintenance and troubleshooting time

OEM warranty protection