Slide Gates

TEEO pneumatic slide gates are used in a wide variety of bulk material handling applications. They can be used on the bottom of screw conveyors at intermediate discharge locations to divert product to another location, below silos to stop the flow of product to downstream equipment or even as emergency shut-off gates to stop material surges.

TEEO’s pneumatic slide gates use a pneumatic or air operated cylinder to actuate the slide plate open and closed. Typically, plant air pressure (approximately 80 psi) is all that is required to power this multi-use slide gate.

The slide plate is guided by bronze-bushed rollers on the bottom slide plate retainers on the top. The rollers require no grease and are adjustable in order to provide years of maintenance free service. Replacement parts are low cost and stock items at TEEO and available for overnight delivery.

All Welded Construction – Slide gate frames are designed and constructed as one weldment to provide maximum rigidity for heavy industrial applications