Fans / Blowers

Fan & Blower is a high efficiency backward curved industrial fan designed for handling relatively clean air in high pressure applications. Typical applications include combustion air, product cooling, moisture blow-off, forced draft on fluid bed boilers, and induced draft after bag-house process blowers.

Because the TEEO features a wider impeller and housing, producing a high volume of air at a lower velocity, the need for an expansion evasé is eliminated. TEEO fans are available with a variety of construction options and accessories, offering the versatility and flexibility required in today's industrial applications.

Heavy-gauge, reinforced, continuously welded housings provide strength and durability for extended service life — a necessity in all commercial and industrial installations. Outlet flanges for duct-connection as well as rigidity are standard. Inlet collars for slip-joint connection and lifting lugs are also standard. All housings are reinforced with rigid bracing to increase structural integrity.

The support angles are intermittently welded and caulked between welds to prevent bleed-through corrosion. Precisely positioned cutoff plates and aerodynamically spun inlet cones provide high efficiency and smooth airflow through the fan